For all your Complicated Needs

RED ENGINEERS develop 3D CAD Models, Renderings and Draftings that can be used for simulation and analysis ensuring shorter and cost effective product development.

Mechanical 3D Modelling

Mechanical 3D Modeling Services creates detailed and accurate 3D models, drawings and specifications that aid in the design and manufacturing of the mechanical products, parts and assemblies

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Services creates the design drawings from actual objects by taking a manual measurement or by scanning the product with laser scanners.

Mechanical CAD Drafting

Mechanical CAD Drafting Services provides technical drawings from the CAD Software that tells about how a mechanism is assembled and how it will function for part, component, or product modeling

Sheet Metal Design

Sheet Metal Design Services is made for the manufacturers to create actual objects such as HVAC systems, enclosures, signs, etc. which is compliant with the industry standard and improves the productivity of sheet designing.

Piping Engineering

Piping design engineers involvement starts right from the plant feasibility study and then to detail engineering

Structural Design

Structural design is the methodical investigation of the
stability, strength and rigidity of structures. The basic
objective in structural analysis and design is to produce
a structure capable of resisting all applied loads without
failure during its intended life